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There is a large number of vital concerns in daily life: in which are we able to get a hold of delight? What’s the great balance between personal and professional? And exactly why would men apply baseball shorts after having sexual intercourse?

When writer Rebecca Jennings first noticed that
her awkward intercourse tale
ended up being “anything,” she was not willing to take it
just an unusual fact of gender
. Instead, she typed a bunch of her pals and colleagues to inquire about precisely what the deal had been… and she had gotten many different responses.

Jennings’s theories included “they’re just indeed there,” “they offer a significant physical purpose,” “they shield men’s room fragile egos,” “they remind them of the youth,” “men are awful at athleisure,” “they’re intimate apparel for guys,” and, remarkably, “they truly are actually good?????”

Each idea includes testimonials to guide them.

In this way one:

“My personal theory is because they’ve already been wearing this certainly hideous sorts of fitness center brief to sleep given that they were kids, and not thought to GROW THE FUCK ahead or interrogate their ~bedroom design~. These are definitely pieces of clothes they’ve possessed since school, potentially high-school. They think they are comfortable, and perhaps much less vulnerable-feeling than a boxer, from inside the existence of a fresh intercourse buddy. However the boxer will be the clear response here — not boxer concise, I’m talking some kind of plaid boxer short that shows an attractive level of man leg. This is certainly gorgeous! For precisely why they truly are very glossy, i suppose: sporting events?? I worn them exactly when, in school, inside the boundaries of an apartment. The man just who had all of them had not been a sports-loving bro as a 21-year-old, which more verifies my personal hypothesis that is actually a holdover from youth. —a lady

And this one:

“i suppose guys — DEVELOPED guys — do this because on their behalf shiny basketball shorts qualify as ‘loungewear,’ and additionally they only have not bothered to update their unique ‘loungewear’ option since get older 16. My genuine idea, however, would be that having had intercourse triggers a regression to becoming 16 and being really happy with by themselves for having had sex, and therefore, the stupid teenager shorts. Alternately, perhaps they are shorts-shaming you into getting all of them expensive sweatpants. —a girl

Jennings actually contributed a story from a homosexual pal which admitted this particular is not just a directly guy experience. Simply speaking, countless men get it done — and for a variety of reasons.

You are able to achieve Jennings’
entire article on Racked
. However the tale didn’t hold on there.

The talk carried on
on Twitter

Lots of consumers got involved and emerged forward through its very own stories.

Some provided brand new theories.

Other people ranked post-coital clothing.

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One lady shared the woman take on the development. untrue

And another opted around totally. bogus

This individual was actually merely glad that journalists nowadays are asking the actual questions.

So far as any assumptions we are able to make, it looks like absolutely more than simply one response.

“Finally, men are complex pets, in addition to their grounds for instantly gaining basketball short pants after intercourse tend to be vast and varied,” Jennings blogged. “whom realized!”

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